Event FAQ


Can I have my wedding at the residence?

Yes, the Residence allows a limited number of weddings per year. For more information please view the Weddings tab at the top of this page, as different FAQs apply to wedding events.

What are the costs of having an event?
  • Weekday - Government/Non-Profit - Up to 50 guests - Up to 4 hours per venue - $1,000
  • Weekday - Government/Non-Profit - Over 50 guests - Up to 4 hours per venue - $1,500
  • Friday/Weekend - Government/Non-Profit - Up to 50 guests - $1,500
  • Friday/Weekend - Government/Non-Profit - Over 50 guests - $2,000
  • Weekday - Corporate/Personal - Up to 50 guests - Up to 4 hours per venue - $5,000
  • Weekday - Corporate/Personal - For every 50 guests over 50 - Up to 4 hours per venue - $5,500
  • Fri/Weekend - Corporate/Personal - Up to 50 guests - Up to 4 hours per venue - $6,000
  • Fri/Weekend - Corporate/Personal - For every 50 guests over 50 - Up to 4 hours per venue - $7,000
Can I pay for my event with a credit card?

No, the Residence only accepts checks as payment.

Does the Residence provide catering

No, the Residence does not provide catering. Any catering will need to be provided by a third party vendor. The Residence has a list of commonly used caterers that are familiar with the event space that can be provided upon request. 

Does the Residence provide linens? 

No, the Residence does not provide any linens. 

Does the Residence have staff available for event set up? 

No, the Residence does not have full time staff and all event set up must be executed by event organizers or caterers. 

Are there ever events in the Main House? 

No, the Residence is only hosting external events in the Carriage House on the property grounds. 

IS there AV available? 

The AV in the Carriage House is limited and it is strongly recommended that AV be sourced from an outside vendor. 

Is there an extra cost for security?

Yes. State Patrol must have a trooper on duty. You will be sent an invoice following the event for $92.67/hour to cover the event. Depending on the size and scale of your event, this cost may increase. You will be notified prior to the event if your cost will be more than the base rate.

Can we have a cash bar?

No. Residence guidelines prohibit cash bars.

Can we use the outdoor patio space outside the Carriage House? 

Yes, you will just need to let the Governor's office know beforehand. 

Is there a closet or coat check for our guests use?

There are self-help coat closets for your guests use. 

Does the residence provide valet service?

No. You may make arrangements for valet service at curbside, but not within the Residence grounds. It is up to you and the valet company to make arrangements for parking in the area. Please ask the valet service to call us for guidelines.

How do I request the attendance of the Governor, First Gentleman, or Lt. Governor?

The Residence does not schedule the Governor, First Gentleman, or Lt. Governor.  Their scheduling can be accessed via their respective websites.

Are the press/media allowed at events?

Yes, but advance notice must be provided to the Governor's Office.

What are the building capacities?

Carriage House (seated dinner with rounds): 72

Carriage House (rows of chairs): 100

Carriage House with additional outside seating: 150 

Standing Room Only - 110

How long can an event last?

The standard Usage Fee entitles you to 4 hours of event time. Once event start and end times are confirmed, you must adhere to that schedule.  If your event is longer than 4 hours, the Usage Fee will increase. Your catering vendor is allowed to begin set up outside the four hour period with prior approval from the Governor's Office.

Can we have a tour with our event?

Sorry, tours are not offered in conjunction with events.

What do I need to do the day of the event?

A representative of your organization must arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to your event start time. A Residence staff-person will meet with them and go over any last minute details.

Can we hold a fundraiser?

No. Fundraising is not allowed by outside groups. You may sell tickets in advance to attend an event here, but no exchange of cash, checks, or credit cards are allowed on the premises. 

Is there accessible entry

Yes, please click on the Directions Tab for detailed information about access.

What about foul weather?

Sorry, but we cannot waive, refund, or cancel charges due to inclement weather.

Canceling or rescheduling an event.

Let us know in writing if you need to cancel or reschedule your event. Your Usage Fee payment is fully refundable if you cancel more than 30 days prior to the event. Should you cancel with less than 30 days’ notice the fee in non-refundable; however, you may apply that amount, minus any expenses already incurred by the Residence, to a future event booked within 6 months of the cancellation.

Are we permitted to hang a sign/banner for a sponsor, and/or print our evening program with their information to give the guests?

Banners are not allowed on the exterior of the Residence. Informational signage and banners may be used within the grounds, but cannot be taped, stapled, tacked, etc. to any surface. Tie straps or string may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Free-standing table and floor signs are okay, and you are welcome to handout literature to your guests.

We are planning something special/unusual for our event (i.e. ice cream social, dancing, large band, etc.).

Please let us know ASAP, so that we can do our best to accommodate you.