Wedding FAQ


What are the costs of having a wedding? 

There are two primary costs for all weddings. A $7,000 Usage Fee, and a Security Fee ($92.60 per hour charged following the conclusion of the wedding).

Can I pay for my wedding with a credit card?

No, the Residence accepts only checks as payment.

Are we permitted to provide/hire our own caterer?

Yes. You must provide your own professional caterer, as the Residence does not cater weddings. 

Are we permitted to provide our own alcohol?

Yes. The Residence does not provide alcohol. 

Can we have a cash bar?

No. Residence guidelines prohibit cash bars.

May we provide beer kegs?

Yes, but with restrictions. Our Main House facility has a draft beer system available for your use; however, you must work with a member brewer of the Colorado Brewers Guild to arrange for kegs. Those kegs must be delivered, tapped, and removed by the brewer or someone knowledgeable about draft systems. After those kegs are removed the beer lines must be flushed and the Residence kegs reinstalled. Our Carriage House facility allows kegs at outdoor bars only; tubs, ice, and tap handles must be provided along with the kegs.

Is there a coat closet for our guests use?

There are coat closets for your guests use at both the Main and Carriage Houses.

Does the residence provide valet service?

No. You may make arrangements for valet service at curbside, but not within the Residence grounds. It is up to you and the valet company to make arrangements for parking in the area.

Do we need to secure an event permit when using the Governor's Residence?

No. As a State owned residence, there is no need to pull event permits.

Is a wedding planner required?

Yes, a designated wedding planner is required to be the sole point of contact with the Residence.

I love the decor and furnishings as seen in the Media tab slideshow. Will the home look the same the day of my wedding?

Not necessarily. Furnishings, and their placement, are subject to change at any time.

Will we be able to dress and get ready on site the day of our wedding?

Yes. A suite on the 2nd floor of the Main House is available for use by the bridal party on the wedding day. 

It will be dark outside at the time of our wedding event. Are the grounds fully lit at night?

There is pathway lighting throughout the grounds, but your wedding planner may wish to make arrangements for additional task lighting. 

Is there accessible entry?

Yes, please click on the Directions Tab for detailed information about access.

What about foul weather?

Sorry, but we cannot waive, refund, or cancel charges due to inclement weather.